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Frequently Asked Questions

What are our access hours?

You can access your storage unit and/or parking space any time from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM, any day of the week.

Do you require insurance?

We do not require insurance. We offer low-cost insurance for your stored belonings but we do not require you buy it from us.

How wide and tall are our storage unit doors?

All storage units that are 10' wide (10x10 through 10x40) have a 9' wide door at mininum. Our self-storage unit doors range in height from 7' to 8' tall. All storage units that are 12', 13' and 15' wide have an 11' wide door and are 8' tall. All storage units that are 5' wide (5x5 through 5x10) have a 4' wide door and are either 7' or 8' tall. Please call or email us with further questions.

Where are we located?

Our facility is situated at 3649 Arrowhead Dr in Carson City, right next to Carson City Airport.

I have an RV. Do you offer options for storing large vehicles?

We sure do! Whether you need car storage options or need to store a large vehicle like a boat or RV, we have a variety of options for you.

Is our facility secure?

It is very secure. We have a high-tech surveillance system monitoring our facility, and our property is fenced and only accessible through a security gate that requires a code to enter.

How close are we to Reno, NV?

We’re not far from Reno at all. From Reno, you can drive to our facility in about half an hour.

Do we offer storage options for businesses?

Of course! Businesses can benefit from our storage options, too. Our units are perfectly equipped for storing your business documents or extra stock.

How do I know what size storage unit I need?

Try our storage calculator! It will help you know exactly how much space you need to accommodate your belongings.

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